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Article Exchange

What is it?

Article Exchange is not a replacement for Odyssey. It is meant to be used by the lending library to securely send articles or book chapters to those libraries that do not have Odyssey software installed. Article Exchange provides a seamless way to process requests that would otherwise have to be filled via email or fax.

How does it help?

Article Exchange allows you to send articles to non-Odyssey libraries from within the client.

Getting started

An addon was used prior to ILLiad version 8.4. In newer versions you no longer need an addon. Article exchange uses the ILLiad Web Platform. For more information about ILLiad Web Platform go to:


Article Exchange Trusted Sender

You can specify how much review is required when another library sends you an article through Article Exchange.


  1. Open and log into to your Customization Manager.
  2. Go to the System | Article Exchange | ArticleExchangeTrusted.
  3. Enter Always, Never or Trusted and click Save.
    • Always allows articles to be delivered without staff review
    • Never means all articles must be staff reviewed
    • Trusted allows only articles received from Trusted senders to bypass staff review

Review the Article Exchange Lending Email

The email exists but you have the ability to edit the email to fit your library's needs.


1. Open and log into to your Customization Manager.

2. Click on the Notification Templates tab.

3. Click Edit, then select Article Exchange Lending Notification from the list.

4. Be sure to click Save after you make changes.

Enter Email System IDs for non-OCLC libraries

This allows ILLiad to send the Article Exchange email to non-OCLC libraries.

1. Open and log into to your Customization Manager.

2. Go to System | Article Exchange | ArticleExchangeLendingEmailSystemIDs.

3. Enter any System IDs (other than OCLC) that you want to send emails to, separated by commas. Click Save.

A. Enter RAPID if you use Rapid

B. Enter DOC if you use Docline

C. Enter OTH for local or other types of requests.


Processing Lending Requests Using Article Exchange

  1. Save your PDF to a local or network share folder.
  2. Click Mark Found Scan Now on the lending request.
  3. Click Send Via Article Exchange.

More information

OCLC Article Exchange logon page

Atlas Documentation on Configuring Article Exchange

Atlas Documentation on Creating and Editing email Templates

OCLC Article Exchange product Description

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